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Newsletter April 2014

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According to facebook posts - Nyepi was just a blessing for Bali. This day of Silence gives us all time to rest, reflect and enjoy the big space we have. Who might want to leave and miss out on this? I think with all aspects of it, Nyepi is also great for kids. The monsters, the parades, the silence & darkness. It is a mark on each year living in Bali to experience this very special day. If yo don't live in Bali, you shall come one day and simply enjoy this daywith your family in one of the villas around Bali -it is a true Bali experience.

Our April issue brings some new places and two great articles: One from our lovely writer Ibu Mary, who spent a few days with her daughter at the Bali Spirit Festival in Ubud. It was a first timer for Ibu Mary and her girl and as such gives you a great new view of the festival. The other one is an article for our Health Corner. Bali Chiro as put us some interesting facts together about Chiropractic Treatments for children and the advances of it. They just opened a 3rd place in Ubud now, so more people can enjoy thier work. So my dear families, enjoy this month's issue and your times and Bali.

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***** 10 REASONS PARENTS BRING THEIR HEALTHY KIDS TO A CHIROPRACTIONER: Some adults may wonder why more and more children are starting to see chiropractors. That's a good question and the answer is simple: whether we have a large spine or a tiny little spine, if that spine is creating nerve distress then our magnificent bodies may not operate smoothly. The nervous system is the 'Master Controller'. The nervous system is the master controller of our body and if its communication channels become fuzzy, distorted or damaged then we experience all sorts of communication errors. For babies and children, this ineffective communication may play out as colic or irritability, an inability to suckle and breastfeed, poor sleep, developmental delays, digestion issues, asthma, behavioural problems, low energy, inability to concentrate, headaches, etc - the list is endless. Read more...

***** BALI SPIRIT FESTIVAL 2014 IN UBUD BY IBU MARY: A Beautiful setting, bright sunshine, happy, smiley people everywhere, made for a lovely day heading uphill to the Bali Spirit Festival close to Ubud. There were so many activities to choose from, multiple yoga sessions, hula hooping, Balinese dancing, q-rak healing, lessons in witchcraft, tips on using essential oils to stay young looking, and to heal wounds and all manner of ailments. I found this one particularly useful as I have never really learned how to use essential oils. I learnt that we should carry around at least lavender oil, which can be used for wounds and bruises as well as to calm someone in distress. Read more...

***** PRIVATE TUTOR GROUP CANGGU MARCH/APRIL BY JANINE: Welcome to this month’s issue in which you can read the children’s fables that they wrote in English and find out more about our field trip to Clei Pottery. Many thanks go to Ananta and Jessica for their kind hospitality. By Sophie: On Tuesday me and my class went to Ketewel to Clei Pottery. First some people named Ananta and Jessica showed us the clay, to show us what it felt like and what it looked like. Then they showed us the wheel, the oven and where they got the clay. After that we made clay and my favourite was the wheel. Jaka went first and then I went. I saw the man do it and it looked easy. It felt easy but liked it. It felt really weird and fun. Read more...


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LITTLE MISS CUPCAKE is in Denpasar and yummy. Not just that once you open the door to Little Miss Cupcake you enter another world - the deco in the store is unique for Bali and  I often enjoy a treat at the spot just taking in the posh, posh athmosphere of the place. Additonal ALL Little Miss Cupcake does is just super yummy and worth a sin. For your kids Little Miss Cupcake is a heaven - with cupcakes in so many colors and deco, your kids will have a hard time to select what they want. Little Miss Cupcake also makes fantastic birthday or party cakes for your kids. From birthday, to gratuation to special events, those cakes can mark milestones in your child's life. So don't miss out on one of the yummy spots in Denpasar - they are really worth a visit. Find out more about Little Miss Cupcake on our Party - Page

 BALI CHIRO is now in 3 locations over Bali:  Seminyak, Sanur and  Ubud. With lots of experience in treating kids, but surely also adults. For children chiropractic can work wonders in many situations: From unknown fears to bedweeding, a chiropractic  session can sort this out in no time.  In our modern world we often exposed to  a wrong way of body posture or how we use our body - this happens also in children. A  bed, which is too soft, a small situation at birth  or  a fall can  put our body out of allainment with the effect of  a non well being.  Pain is often the endresult of it, but  it  does not have to get so far. A regular visit at  a chiropracticer can  pay off for  many things . In children sometimes it is hard to tell where a problem comes from, as children often cannot articulate  their  body feelings, as  they ofte n don't even konow if  it is normal or not. So simply check out one day what Bali Chiro could do for your kids and be suprised. More about them on our Health - Page

PRENANTAL PRIVATE YOGA CLASS by Luh Devie Ariestiani is new on Bali for She just has finished her training and is now ready to help moms to stay fit during Pregnancy. Ibu Luh will come to your home and will gently make you move so both - you and your baby will feel fit for the months to come and birth. Yoga will also help you to keep up beauty due pregancy as it simply get you moving and taking care more of your body. Ibu Luh will come to your place, which is for many women who are not feeling on top of the world or more exhausted during pregancy a blessing. Simply wait for Ibu to come and have some gentle moves done. If you experience backpain, swollen legs and arms, yoga will be a good solution for you to feel just better. So simply contact Ibu Luh and get your first session, which will be a good start. Find out more about Prenantal Private Yoga Classes on our Health - Page & Mom - Page

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Sponsor Me! is new on Bali for We believe each child in the world shall have the best education, not just focused on maths, reading and writing. Some children have certain talents, which we, shall develop as their teachers. Unfortunately some families are not able to pay more than a normal education for their children. School fees and other costs are often already too much for some families. This is why we decided to help some local kids with talents to learn more than just what school teaches them. We want to find those kids sponsors who pay them an additional education, a more artistic education. But as well children in certain life situations who need urgent help. If you want to sponsor any of our children you can mail to Any amount is welcome. If you are a single sponsor we will put your picture and name or business logo under the child or group you sponsor in our column: Sponsor Me! Banner space on Sponsor Me! you can buy with any donation over 1.000.000Rp. Contact us about size and details directly on If you know a local child which needs to be sponsored for more than just a school activities, please contact us and we will see if Bali for can help to find more sponsors for kids in Indonesia.

S2 Families, 10 kids (7 disabled) need help on all levels - for more info click here

Kidsworld in Ubud offers local state schools free use of the Kidsworld facility on weekday mornings, 10-12h. Call 0361-981867 to shuttle a date. One class with a max of 40 children at a time.The schools must organize their own transport to and from Kidsworld as well as food and drinks. This is an initiative of Kidsworld, but we give them credit for their wonderful action for local kids!!! Thanks!

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