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ALLIANCE FRANCAISE DE DENPASAR (the French Institute) in Denpasar is a non-profit organisation, part of a network of more than 1 000 Alliances Françaises around the world. In each country we are regulated by local law, bound by a common purpose to the Paris Alliance, and ruled by a local committee. For over a century, the Alliance Française has been seeing through an ambitious project: spreading French language and culture well beyond the borders of France.In Bali, Yayasan Lembaga Indonesia Perancis has been operating for 20 years, offering French classes for kids, teenagers and adults, and also Indonesian courses. A pioneer in the teaching of French for foreigners, and the only institution in Bali, the Alliance Française launched the targeted system of teaching towards specific foreign languages and learning styles of particular audiences. Today, the Alliance Française is the uncontested authority in teaching French as a foreign language. We offer courses in our premises in Denpasar, but we can also provide classes in primary schools for instance, as part of an extra-curricular activity programme. Schools and kinder gardens like to visit our place as a representation of France, to give kids an insight of the language and the culture. In cooperation with the 4 French Cultural Centres and the other Alliances Françaises in Indonesia, and with the support of the French Embassy in Jakarta, we organise cultural activities that can be French or Franco-Indonesian (films, exhibitions, discussions, concerts, performances, etc.). We also work in close cooperation with the French Consulate in Bali and the French International School in Bali. More about them on our Social - Page
YAYASAN PETULI ALAM in Bunutan Amed is new on our Social page and meeting Charlotte was great. Charlotte basically has set up a full waist management program up in Amed area by herself. Almost all funds came out of her own pocket and now she is lucky to have to local helpers. Petuli Alam has build many rubbish collecting points in Amed area, as well as is educating every single household up there in how to deal with waste. Charlotte told me to her great surprise right from the beginning the bins were full and each week an enormous amount of rubbish is collected this way. When we meet Charlotte ideas came up how to get her program working even more intensive and I am sure we will set up a few astonishing things with Charlotte in the future. To support the work of this incredible woman up there in one of the last places in Bali, please go on our Social - Page
JODIE O'SHEA ORPHANAGE - Like most things in life, implementing the decision to open an orphanage in memory of Jodie O'Shea, did not happen overnight. In the aftermath of the Bali bombing on October 12, 2002, many people wanted to contribute in some way to create a future ofopportunities for those who had very little. A compassionate and determined group of people combined their resources to improve the lives of children here in Bali. We extend our heartfelt thanks to those people for their commitment - their support enabled building to commence in March 2005 and we opened our doors four months later. We have over fifty children ranging in ages from 2 to 19 years. Of these children, some are from Sumba, a very poor and arid island to the east of Bali, some are from Bali and few from other island of Indonesia. Since moving to their new home these children have undergone an amazing transformation. Prior to coming to the orphanage all of them had grown up malnourished in poverty stricken areas, usually within one parent families, surviving on a meager hand to mouth existence. Today, however, in their new home our children are embracing a life they have never known - a healthy diet, an education, being nurtured and cared for and having the freedom to simply be children. It must be stressed, however, that all of the children's families love and care about them immensely but have had to make the difficult decision to send their children elsewhere so as to provide them with a better life and ultimately a better future.More about Jodie O'Shea Orphanage on our Social-Page
BALI STREET KIDS FOUNDATION is the theme of our year 2010. Our goal is to change minds and help those kids - Now and in the future. So now finally we got them on our Social Page and we hope more and more of you will help them to keep going and support those Balinese kids who need our help most. Ibu Putu, the founder, is almost alone in her work to get those kids a better life. Just look at the picture next to this article. Those kids once were standing on the side of the road bagging. Today they all go to school, live in a home, are save from adults doing them harm, learn skills they never learned before. Just look at those happy smiles... and it is not so difficult to help. If all of us help a little bit together and we all raise awareness more kids will have a better future and will not stand on the side of the road begging anymore. So please, help the foundation in their work to change the life of those kids who really need it most here in Bali. Get more info and in touch with Ibu Putu on our Social - Page
TOKO CANDELA is tucked into a back road in Kerobokan - the first candle store in this area. Toko Candela, stocks a wide range of candles for everyday use, gifts, weddings and special occasions. Their candles are made with natural wax blends, such as beeswax and sustainable palm wax. The natural waxes are far superior to paraffin candles, burning twice as long, and burning much cleaner, without releasing toxins into the air. Each candle is hand-crafted right here in Bali. There are classic candles for everyday use which are unscented – perfect for the dining table as well as decorative, scented candles with fragrances such as Wild Honey & Cream, and Amber & Ginger Rose. These candles are sourced from Natural Light Candle Company, Indonesia’s premier candle manufacturer and the recipient of the UNESCO Award of Excellence for handicrafts, known for their original and sophisticated designs. The shop is open 7 days a week or go to for more info to our Moms - Page
HAPPY KIDZ PLAYHOUSE AND DAY CARE in Canggu just opened a few weeks ago for children age 2 to 5 years. Happy Kidz Playhouse and DC offers kids a great place to play and learn new things as well as joining up with other kids to have a great play time. Fun and creativity are a big one at Happy Kidz and small groups make sure your child is getting the best attention from the caretakers. Day Care gives parents the chance to enjoy a day without kids or if you have to do some "boring" stuff, your child can happily play with other kids and life is simply less stress and more fun for both - parents and kids. Happy Kidz also offers special activities such as cooking classes and dance classes for your little ones. Check out Happy Kidz if you live in Canggu or you need a day care in this area on our Play - Page
IDEP FOUNDATION in Ubud is a big foundation dedicated to help in disasters, such as now in Java with the eruption of Mound Merapi or back to the big tsunami in Aceh. IDEP Foundations brings quick help to those who need it in hard situations. But IDEP does more, IDEP educates local farmers about new/old ways of farming. IDEP states: "Helping people to solve their own problems!" IDEP goes for example into schools and helps the kids to set up a garden with nice food, within 3 months the children can eat out of their school garden. Those are incredible programs. Today, education and understanding the issue is the base of all major changes we can indicate. Programs as helping to set up a waste water garden and seed saving to protect our future from GMO foods, is a fundamental work at IDEP. When I was going though IDEP's website www.idepfoundation.org. I was extremely surprised at the big amount of work they contribute to the Indonesian community. Right now IDEP helps families in camps over in Java to deal with the difficult situation of loosing their homes. IDEP has set up the survival buckets and you can help a family with only 300.000rp to get going right now. If you want to know more about the work of IDEP, please go to our Social - Page
TAMANAK - (by Tamanak) Tamanak is something which doesn't’t yet exist: a place where the kids of Sayan (Ubud-Bali) and from the neighboring villages (but also the children of the many expatriates living nearby) can play, be happy and socialize. Tamanak will be a fenced playground, far from cars, safe, clean, with proper outdoor games in a tropical and joyful environment. That’s why we chose a name which includes the most pertinent Indonesian words to describe the project: Taman = garden - Aman = safe - Anak = children - The concept of a playground well equipped, safe and free for children does not exist on the Balinese territory. After school the children play in backyards, in the streets or in the rice fields. We would like to offer to the kid’s community of Sayan (and of near by villages) a clean, safe, guarded and equipped environment with simple, but captivating outdoor games  … the ones we used to play with: slides, swings, rope walls, push games and so on. The playground will be developed on 800-1000 m2 plot of land and will be freely open every day from 9.00 to 18.00 to all kids from 3 -10 years old (but  children below 6 years old will need to be accompanied by an adult). Tamanak will be entirely created with sponsorships and private donations. We have formed a small group of parents and friends, people who share the same idea and who will help us in fundraising and organizing, managing and controlling Tamanak. NG or NP organizations are not directly involved because we are convinced that is better to act independently at first, when you see the possibility of creating something by your own personal initiative. Tamanak will be entirely created by sponsorships and private donations. The project will actualize as soon we will reach the amount of 15.000 euro necessary to rent the plot of land and to buy the first outdoor games and equipment. Even small amount of money here in Bali makes a difference. You can support Tamanak also by providing objects or your spare time … If you live in Bali and you want to be involved in the project, or you produce or distribute games/toys, educational materials, plants or any other item you believe could be useful in Tamanak, please contact us at info@tamanak.org and check out our website www.tamanak.org or facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tamanak-A-children-playground-project-in-Bali/180980408621859 See you on the playground! Social - Page
BALI CHILDREN PROJECT is dedicated to improving life through education. For almost twenty years they are quietly reaching out to young people and their families in rural Bali, not least in mountain communities beyond the economic benefits of tourism. BCP was founded on the belief that as children are empowered to realize their potential, they will enrich their villages and contribute to the world we all share. By providing opportunities for education, BCP gives childrenthe chance for a better tomorrow, while lightening the burdens of today. BCP is acutely conscious of Bali’s unique cultural heritage, and the need to safeguard it from questionable outside influences that accompany mass tourism. BCP programs are designed to integrate the demands of economic progress with the island’s traditional values. From simple beginnings, the Bali Children's Project has slowly but surely grown in stature and influence. Today, among our many programs they support a growing number of children (currently over 200), enabling them to stay in school and finish their education. Have created a dozen village pre-schools and kindergartens (with plans for more). Support Balinese traditional music and dance., including the creation of two children's gamelan orchestras. Run a flourishing volunteer program that includes English language classes, computer aptitudeand teacher training. Administer a micro-investment scheme for impoverished families. Run health initiatives that include sex education and HIV/AIDS awareness. Are establishing a workshop for artists with disabilities. We are profoundly grateful to the many individuals and organisations that have made all this possible.We hope you share our excitement, and our vision of a more just and equitable society, in which children can look forward to a rich and fulfilling life.  Only with your continued compassion and generosity can we succeed in this life-changing work.  is anoon our Social - Page
SOLEMEN is a registered charity is providing much needed funds to support accredited agencies and projects for homeless and underprivileged children in Indonesia. The SOLEMEN following projects in Bali Children’s Project (scholarship and education), Yayasan Bumi Sehat (Ibu Robin’s free birthing clinic and community health centers in Bali and Aceh), Akasa Learning Center (Children’s learning center), YPAC (home and school for disabled children). SOLE MEN are walk barefoot around the world until they reach a target of US$1 million for poor children in Indonesia, and raise awareness and global social responsibility. Robert and Beat formed a registered charity foundation in Indonesia together with, as President, Pak Made Mangku Ariawan – Humanitarian, Politician, Hindu Priest and businessman and owner of Indo TV - a local station in Bali. The Yayasan is supported by Rotary District 3420, incorporating clubs in Indonesia, who are joint signatories for the bank account. The foundation supports Underprivileged Children in Indonesia, as well as providing health and safety education and how to respect and protect their environment check out mor about SOLEMEN on our Social - Page
CLEI POTTERY in Ketewel was a place I wanted for such a long time.... Pottery is such a great thing for young and old, for me it is even a meditaion. Clei Pottery was a real surprise for me. A wonderful workshop set up with all you need to make great pieces of pottery. Your kids can start either by simply painting a pot or creating a piece from the beginning. Inspiration is plenty at Clei Pottery - from napkin rings to seastars, from bowls to cups and more. If you get more advanced you can just use the space and work with your kids to create family pottery for your home. Basic help is offered and your items will be burned just as they finish drying and burning. The teachers are lovely young ladies with pottery education, so your kids will learn pottery from the professionals. Clei Pottery comes to your place, school or workshop or your can enjoy their classes at the Clei Pottery studio. Find out more on our Workshop & Camps - Page
LITTLE BOO KIDS BOOTIQUE is opening a wonderful inspiring kids boutique in Sanur. Inspired and fun styles for your little one with the fresh kick and ideas of the next generation coming and creating fantastic new outfits for children. All Little Boo Kids designs are produced in a limited edition, to make designs and styles unique for your wonder one... Little Boo Kids is soon to be ready to retail to walk in clients, but will also be selling a bigger amount of their collection as a wholesale collection. Designs are colorful and fresh, so is their shop. Bali for Kids.com wishes Little Boo Kids a fabulous start into a great future on the Sanur market, which really needs inspiring kids styles for their community. Find our more about Little Boo Kids Bootique on our super popular Clothing - Page
PRO EDUCATION in Umalas would like to introduce a new service in the daytime for distance education students. Every Monday - Friday from 10.30 - 13:00h the Distance Education Club is available for distance education students to come together and receive study support. To further support families in the community, who do not have accredited distance education / home school programs for their children; ProEducation has developed a relationship with the Australian Christian International School - the only international school in Australia offering distance education programs for international students in Asia. Students study an internationally accredited curriculum and on completion of each course, receive recognition for theirlearning based on the Australian Curriculum. This is a fantastic affordable option for families in Bali, Indonesia or any other place around Asia. Find out more about Pro Education Distance Club on our Education - Page
VILLA KORA in Seminyak is just a stone throw away from the Eat yourself to Bali street in Jalan Oberoi where you and your family can experience some of Bali's best food in Bali. Villa Kora is made to have a great holiday. Close to the beach, lush garden with swimming pool and you can have a fence around the pool on your request, so your little ones will be save strolling around the house and you can for sure enjoy your holidays in Bali. Villa Kora has super nice staff and they will help you to make your Bali Family Holiday to a really great experience. Seminyak is a great area to start off for a lot of adventures around Bali and you have the beach in walking distance as well. Villa Kora will help you to enjoy your time here and Bali in all levels. The villa has a full equipped kitchen set and all you need, so contact via our Holidays - Page
BOTTLES FOR EARTH - Many talk about rubbish. Many want change. Many talk a lot. But Bottles for Earth acted. Bringing funky looking water bottles to Bali, so you and your kids can refill your water in a save way. No dangerous BPA free or not free plastic. Yes, BPA free does not mean they save. Latest studies showed, those bottles and containers are even more toxic. So for your kids one of THE safest and best solution is to get them a Bottles for Earth drinking bottle. They are coming in so many designs - if you like to order them in big amounts, you can even get your own style printed on them. Great as a give away for hotels for their guests to reduce the amount of plastic bottles around Bali... Truly a great move - for hotels and from Bottles for Earth. Find out where in Bali you can already get them on our Food Stuff - Page
MERTA HOUSE close to Ubud is the perfect place if you plan to do a village holiday in Bali. Nested into a local village, where your family can experience many traditional crafts such as offering making, mask making and more, the villa offers a great set up with kitchen set and pool, which on request you can get fenced up, so your smaller kids will be save too. Merta house really has a heart for kids - briefly they invited the YPKA kids for a week to stay with them. The kids loved it so much, they did not even go back to their Yayasan. On request the staff can help you to arrange classes, massage and adventures around Bali or get you to Ubud - a place full of unique experiences. Find our more about your holiday in Merta House on our Holidays - Page
BUNGALOW LIVING CAFE in Canggu is a jewel for young and old. Set close to the road to reach easy, Bungalow Living Cafe is the perfect spot to bring your kids for a treat. Wonderful healthy food - from vegetarian buffet to sweet treats, juices and teas the range of food is big and has something for everyone and all ages. Bungalow Living Cafe is the perfect spot to bring out your teen girl and enjoy afternoon teach after school, buy a little treat and enjoy music from the owners, who are both the soul of Bungalow Living Cafe. Kids are very welcome and love the set up at the cafe, some kids books, easy gems and colorful treats will get your kids in no time. There is a small book swap and it is for sure becoming a meet and greet place around Canggu area. So get down to the most lovely spot in Canggu and treat yourself and your kids with a whole bunch of creativity - find out more on our Food Stuff - Page
BALI TEACHER in Dalung, gives private education to children age 7 years to 11 years. Settled in a quite housing area in Dalung Bali Teacher gives an alternative to education for kids here in Bali. The high educated Western teacher bring fun back to learning and takes individual care of all kids in her class. Bali Teacher offers also private classes for student from other languages than English, to bring them to international standards - perfect for those who just arrived in Bali or want to get their child practice English while in Bali. Schooling your child in a small group in a more private set up, might make a big change to their motivation and learning abilities. Bali Teacher will bring your child back on track if it had a hard year in school, missed some time in school or wants to just experience a different way of schooling. Find out more about the great classes at Bali Teacher in Dalung on our Education - Page
SAFARE BIRTHDAY PARIES Safare is my latest discovery in Sanur. A great little spot in a top location down at the ocean in Sanur. Big wonderful space with shades and a big pool which has a kids pool as well. Safare offers in this fantastic location a perfect set up for your children parties. Different themes for your needs and wishes can be set up, as well as you can make your choice of food to get from the big restaurant that will cater for your party. Safare is a 100% kids friendly resort in a quite area in Sanur. Find our more about Safare Birthday Parties on our Party - Page
SUNRISE SCHOOL in Kerobokan has been one of the first school around in Bali. What started as a small community school has turned over the year into a school with background. Each year almost a bit of more school has been added, changes made. Today Sunrise School hosts kids from Bali and all over the world for a big range of holistic education. Hands on means this for the students from Playgroup to Final Exams. Sport and Gardening, lots of creative things to do for the kids. Most of the Sunrise teachers been there for a long time. With an additional wing for disabled children, Sunrise School is now helping many children around the south of Bali for their step forward. Find our more about Sunrise School on our Education - Page
Smile Shop in Seminyak at Sunset Road is a top party shop here in Bali. With only top quality imported products from the best suppliers from the US and Europe, Smile has balloons which don't burst in sunlight, has special Helium for filling the balloons. Passion for good party supplies and quality products sits in the detail. From birthday parties to Halloween styles Smile has all you need. Napkins, Balloons, glowing ice cubes – yes! - and much more. On request Smile will set up the decoration of your party and you simply can enjoy your time. For girls Smile has Barbie themes, as well as Tinkerbell and many others, for boys sure Spiderman and Batman are at stock. And for little ones Poo is the favorite. Find out what great new stock Smile has for you kids on our Party - Page
READY STEADY GO KIDS is Australia’s largest multi-sport and exercise program for children.  They also run programs in Singapore, the UK, India and are now in Bali. The program is designed by physiotherapists to develop and enhance gross motor skills, physical and mental awareness of kids 2.5 - 7 years old through specifically designed activities as well as to not only to develop the children’s physical abilities, but also as an introduction to teamwork and sportsmanship as well as developing friendships. All of this at the same time as helping the children develop those all important gross motor skills and equal importantly being active and having fun. Children will enjoy this high energy class as they develop their hand-eye, foot-eye coordination and balance,. Your child will learn the fundamentals of a variety of sports during classes. Check them out now on our Sport - Page
RUMI VILLAS is located in the heart of Jalan Oberoi - a heaven ina busy area. Upon entering the first villa, I could feel the relaxed atmosphere created forfamilies. A wonderful tranquil place with lots of green and the staff was helpful and very friendly. Families will get help on all levels, from babysitting, to a fenced pool, you can be sure you holiday will be a win-win and unique experience for your family. Rumi Villas come as 2 to 4 bedroom units and each room can add an extra bed for your smaller children. The locations is great to have a dine out in the evening without having to go far, as well as quite close to the beaches. If you like to explore the island, the staff will help you to find the best trips and deals in town for your family. Find out more about your new entrance on our Holidays - Page
DESTINATION BALI is a professional travel agency with local destinations in my holiday destinations like Bali. My Destination Bali will get you going in terms of booking a hotel or villa for your family holiday, will bring you together with the best selected events and fun places for your kids here in Bali. If you like to see the best of the best and don't want to do the big organizing part of it, than My Destination is just the perfect place for you to get it all. A great team here in Bali who has many years experiences already in other places like Spain and South Africa is ready to make your Bali holidays to the best you ever had. Sometimes it can be just so easy to have holidays with kids - just leaving it to the professionals and not taking the chance of having to take care of troubles yourself. With representatives around Bali, you can be sure, you get the best service you need for your family. Want to know more about My Destination Bali than check them out on Holidays - Page

ADVENTURE AND SPIRIT is giving you a trill by getting down canyons. Quite a wild thing for you and your kids to explore. Imagine to discover the real wild Balinese nature and spent some totally unforgetable moments in a locations which is so rich in colors. Jumping with your kids in a natural pool, slide down natural slopes like a slide, enchanting rapple along waterfalls, swimming, hiking and much more in one go???? Adventure and Spirit told me it is 100% fun, 100% addictive and also - very important - 100% safe for your family. All instructors and assistants are ICOpro qualified, which means they really do know their job by heart. Kids from 8 years can experience the adventure if they can swim already. So, another great adventure here right in front of your doorstep for your family - Find out more about Adventure and Spirit on our Adventure - Page


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